Derek Sivers
Derek Sivers (founder of CD Baby) offers solid advice and insight for all musicians.

CD Baby
Advice, information, and tips from the people (including Derek Sivers) at CD Baby.

More CD Baby
A rundown of all the services CD Baby provides for the soon-to-be Million Dollar Guitarist.

Bob Baker
America’s music marketing expert, can be found on several sites. Start here.

Michael Laskow’s wonderful service for musicians/composers. A site rich in information and tips. Composers should take a serious look at Taxi’s services.

Music Business Solutions
Director Peter Spellman is the author of many excellent books on the music business and his website contains many useful articles and services.

Cyber PR Music
PR. Branding. Social Media. Ariel Hyatt, czarina of music publicists.

StarPolish “Helping Artists Help Themselves.”
Very dependable information in their “Advice Library”. But as with anything, also consult additional sources.