Google Analytics
Free service that generates detailed statistics about the visitors to your website.

Auralex Acoustics
Provides free personalized room analysis of your recording studio space (or proposed studio). You receive a suggested plan of acoustical treatment for your room. Excellent starting point to get your studio up and running.

Premier manufacturer of CDs and DVDs for the independent musician. However, I found their art department (designers) to be lacking. I highly recommend using your own graphic designer for your CD cover.
Worldwide domain name registration and renewal for your website.

Provider of domain name registration. They have other website hosting packages and solutions. Not the best, but dependable.

Google Insights for Search
A service by Google similar to Google Trends, providing insights into the search terms people have been entering into the Google search engine. This can help you choose keywords when putting together your website. I haven’t used it much, but I think it has powerful potential use for the ecommerce musician.

Mail Chimp
Excellent and affordable provider of email marketing mainly through newsletters. Easy way to set up your newsletter and mail it out to your email list. Also helpful for maintaining your email list. Good for an individual, also used by heavy-hitter major companies. Highly recommended.
Online storage. Free and paid services.

Online backup service.

Online backup service.