How to Make a Million Dollars Playing the Guitar, by Douglas Niedt,guitarist.  Million Dollar

I want you to have a great life.
Not a good life.


I believe one way to do that is to do what you love—something that really matters to you. Better yet, not only do what you love, but make a living doing it.

For me, that love has been the guitar. I have been making money with the guitar since I was thirteen years old. My mission with the guitar has provided me with happiness and fulfillment that nothing else has given me.

I’ve never had a real job. In fact, in my mind, I’ve never worked a day in my life. The joy, fulfillment, and fun of working with anything guitar-related never feels like work.

I want you to experience that joy. That’s why I wrote this book. If only one person “gets it”, I’ll consider the four years I spent writing the book well worth it.

Most music career and music business books don’t discuss the mindset one must have to have a successful music career. It is a crucial topic. I use well-known musicians’ own words and describe this mindset in terms the entrepreneurial guitarist can relate to.

I describe the nutz ‘n’ boltz of running a business in music. This information is covered in books on general business. But it can be difficult to understand how it relates to you, the guitarist. For example, a ton of general information is available on taxes. But it’s difficult to wade through it to find what relates to you as a musician. I tell you the important points that will directly affect you in your journey to make a million dollars playing the guitar and find success in the music business and music industry.

I don’t write in generalities or engage in wishful thinking. I explain specifically the steps you must take to succeed in the music industry and music business.

I have actually accomplished what I am writing about. Over the course of my music career, I have made a million dollars playing the guitar. I understand how I did it. I understand how others did it. I can teach you how to do it too.

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You should be skeptical. That’s why I let you “look inside the book” to get a feel for its no-nonsense advice and judge for yourself. I have also included several articles and videos on this website based on the content of my book. I also have a list of recommended reading and resources for further investigation into a music career. Even if you don’t buy the book, I think you will learn quite a bit about the music business and the music industry from the website alone.

I want you to lead a happy and fulfilling life doing what you love to do—whatever that may be. I want you to find your mission, your calling in life, and pursue it with everything you’ve got. Pursue it with white-hot passion. But pursue it with the right strategies so you can achieve your goals without wasting time and money or harming others. When you pursue the mission, the money will follow.

Quite simply, my book will help you discover your mission and explain the tools required to fulfill it.

After reading my book you may come to the realization that a music career is not really what you want. That’s okay. You can use the information and principles in my book to achieve success at whatever calling you choose whether it is in the music industry and music business or not.


To move forward, you must take the first step:

  1. If you are just starting out in a music career, I will help you figure out what you want and where you are going. Then, I will tell you the steps you need to take to get there. I will help you reach your destination faster and more smoothly.

  2. If you’ve been in the music industry or music business for a while, and things aren’t working out the way you thought they would, it’s time to move in a new direction. Remember the cliché, if you keep doing the same things you’ve done before, you will get the same results. I can get your music career back on track.

  3. Are you pursuing a music career on the side because you’re working a day job? A job you care nothing about? Wake up. If music is your calling, if it is what matters to you, why in the world are you doing it as a sideline or second job? I can help you get your priorities straight.

Take the first step. Read my book. It will show you the way. Living an unfulfilling or unhappy life is not an option. It is never too late or too early to step onto a pathway to happiness and fulfillment.

BUY NOW. Only $19.95 No shipping/handling charges
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In addition to the articles extracted from the book, I have several other free resources on this website to help you out.

  1. The Million Dollar Minutes are short videos (and written transcripts) of ideas and concepts that will keep your music career on track.

  2. New articles (with MP3s if you prefer to listen instead of read) on topics that will help you on your journey to success in the music business and the music industry.

  3. List of Resources for the Million Dollar Guitarist. In addition to the recommended reading list I mention in my book, I will continually add new items. This is not a list of lists I have copied from other people or websites. An amazing amount of worthless and dangerously inaccurate information is floating around on the Internet about music careers, the music business, and the music industry. I will not add anything I have not read or checked out myself.